Welcome to the Art Website of Amy & Jamilah Hassan. We hope you enjoy what you see on our website. You can click on the links available on the “Links” page to visit us on facebook, see Amy’s art gallery on Fine Art America (where you can purchase some of her art and prints of her art), look at a website created by Jamilah after her trip to Turkey in 2006 (there are many pictures of different places in Turkey and descriptions of the places and her experiences while there), see a youtube video about Amy Hassan, ¬†and read an article about Amy Hassan found in the March-April 2016 Issue of the online ACS Magazine.

Our website will be constantly evolving as we add on newer art creations.

If you are interested in any of the art/ jewelry you see on this website or if you are interested in any custom-made jewelry/ art pieces feel free to email either Amy or Jamilah Hassan at the following email addresses:

Amy Hassan:


Jamilah Hassan:


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