About Amy & Jamilah Hassan

Amy and Jamilah Hassan are mother and daughter independent artists. 

Amy Hassan has always enjoyed writing poetry, drawing and painting since she was a young girl. She likes painting and drawing things of nature, because she believes each person connects the earth. Amy also creates mandala designs. She loves the meditative and peaceful effects of creating mandalas. Her poetry and art all connect to emotions that she is feeling and she uses this when she creates her art pieces. She teaches children with Special needs. She creates learning experiences via tactile and visual interactions at their individual levels. One can see this influence in some of her art pieces.

Jamilah Hassan has mixed heritage. Her father is Palestinian and her mother (Amy Hassan) is Cherokee mixed with European ancestry. She loves nature, it is one of her main inspirations when drawing/ painting. She loves to draw landscapes and animals she has seen either in person or from pictures. Some of her pictures are just from images she imagines in her head. She also draws inspiration from ancient/ traditional Arabesque, Henna, Arabic, Asian, and Islamic designs. She loves art, nature, and science. She likes to use oil pastels, colored pencils, pencils, charcoal pencils/ sticks, and acrylic paint as mediums for her art.

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